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CA View - Does JOB Mode Require RACF Definitions for an Unsecured Database?


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After upgrading a View database to r14.0, the client receives message "Unauthorized command" when they enter the "MODE JOB" at the View Primary panel. 

Is there the need to code any RACF resources for JOB mode, even though there are no requirements to secure these databases?



Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


At the View Primary panel, issue the "DEF USER" command, for the User Definition List.

In the User Definition List, modes are assigned in the A / EO / E / SO / S / J columns (ALL, EXPO, EXP, SARO, SAR, and JOB modes, respectively).
A "Y", in the J column, would indicate permission for use of JOB mode.
If there is an "N" in the column, the message "Unauthorized command" will be issued.

In this instance, the client converted a View database to level 14.0 ,and set DEFMODE=DYYYYY with running SARINIT with the new level.

They issued "DEF USER", and saw where all previously-defined users were given a JOB mode setting of "Y", as they wanted.

RACF rules do not have any effect on the use of JOB mode.