Ability to restart jobs after VMSCHED problems / issues
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Ability to restart jobs after VMSCHED problems / issues


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Currently on a zVM 6.4 RSU 1901+ system with VMSCHED 2.0 and VMSECURE 3.2.

One of our security personnel incorrectly logged on to VMSECURE the other day and logged it off. This obviously caused us problems for VMSCHED. We were left with some jobs that were placed on HOLD and some that show INITIATION FAILED.

Is there any way to get VMSCHED to retry these jobs? The jobs with INITIATION FAILED already had a next-run date, once I released the hold on the other jobs they did as well. I was looking for a way to do it immediately without waiting. 


Release : 2.0

Component : CA VM:Schedule
z/VM 6.4 and z/VM 7.1 


The intent is to get a run of these failed requests before their scheduled next run date/time.

Suggested the RELEASE command that can make any VM:Schedule request run immediately, regardless of it's next run date/time (which would be preserved). 

RELEASE causes immediate initiation of a scheduled or dependent request.

Additional Information

The RELEASE command is doc'ed at: