Service Management - Change xFlow ports after install
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Service Management - Change xFlow ports after install


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How to change the UI port on xFlow. Installed with the default,but need to change it to.


Release : 17.2



1. In the C:\Program Files\CA\xFlow\APPS (update to your path) make a backup and then edit the ServiceConfig.xml. You'll see a list of all the ports that are used for different aspects of communication. The end users will need access to all of these ports, so adjust them however you'd like, but just make sure they are all unique.

2. C:\Program Files\CA\xFlow\APPS\Services\incidentmicroservice-17.0.479\public\conf make a backup and then update the casm.conf.js and modify the ports there that you changed in step 1.

3. In the database you will also need to ensure that the records are updated in the al_cdb_configurationparameters table, otherwise you could potentially run into issues during a future patch or update.

First make a backup of your database before making any change.

Run a query like this to confirm the information:

select * from al_cdb_configurationparameters where configvalue = '***'

Replace *** with the current port value, confirm the values are present, then to update use

update al_cdb_configurationparameters
set configvalue = 'NEWVALUE'
Where configvalue = 'OLDVALUE' AND configkey LIKE 'xflow%'

you'll need to do this for each port you update.