Client Automation - Heuristic Software missing in Query Designer


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In Query Designer under Software - Discovered Software, some heuristic software are missing.

Example :
Orca release does not appear in Query Designer :


When a SD Package is created from a MSI package, a heuristic release is created for the MSI package. But associated product is not created.
In table ca_software_def only row for heuristic release is created.

Query Designer displays the products at first level.
As product does not exist for registered MSI package, heuristic release does not appear.


Release : 14.0 SP2

Component : Client Automation


Open a CA Broadcom case requesting the fix T5IZ416

Install this fix on machines with ITCM Console installed.

With this fix when a SD package is registered from a MSI file, heuristic product and release are created in table ca_software_def