How to update Logout url (MainConsoleLogoutUrl) in CA identityEnv
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How to update Logout url (MainConsoleLogoutUrl) in CA identityEnv


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How do I update the logout/signout url to cleanup the session data.  How do we change the signout url to effect this in UI ?


Release : 14.3



1. Create one or more custom logout pages.
To ensure that an HTML logout page is loaded from the Web server and not from the browser’s cache, set up the logout page so that it cannot be cached in the browser. For example, for HTML pages, you can add the following meta tags to the page:
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache"> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Expires" CONTENT="-1">

Meta tags may not always work with an Internet Explorer browser. If not, use a cache-control HTTP header.

2. In the Identity Manager environments screen, click the name of the appropriate environment.
The Environment Properties screen appears. 
3.  Click Advanced Settings, and click Miscellaneous.
The Miscellaneous Properties screen appears.

4.  In the Property field, type one of the following properties:
MainConsoleLogoutUrl -- Overrides the default logout URL in the main console (case sensitive setting).
This URL is also displayed for self-registration and forgotten password tasks if you do not specify custom logout pages using the tasktagLogoutUrl property.
tasktagLogoutUrl -- Specifies a logout page for a public task.
In this property, tasktag identifies the task for which you are configuring a custom logout page.
For example, to configure a logout page for the default self-registration task, enter the following in the Property field:
 You can define multiple tasktagLogoutUrl properties to configure different logout pages for different tasks. For example, when you have different self-registration pages for customers and suppliers, you can define a different logout page for each task.
You specify the task tag when you configure a task in the User Console. 
5. In the Value field, type the URL that users are redirected to at logout.
6. Click Save.

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