ETC on a Task with Fixed Loading Pattern is changed
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ETC on a Task with Fixed Loading Pattern is changed


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Fixed loading pattern ETC automatically moves / spreads when you change the task finish date.

Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Create a project.
2. Add a resource to the project.
3. Create a one month task.
4. Assign the resource to the task.
5. Set the loading pattern to Fixed.
6. In the assignment weekly ETC edit the etc to 20 hours in all four weeks.
7. Now edit the task finish date and move it out one week.

Expected Result: On fixed duration tasks do not shift the ETC. 
Actual Result: The ETC spreads evenly from task start to finish so now the first four weeks are not what you entered of 20 hours each.


Clarity PPM 15.x


This is reported as issue DE53353.


This is not a defect. 

  • The 'Loading Pattern' setting is used for Autoschedule and the 'Fixed' Loading pattern is also used when posting timesheets. 
  • When using Autoschedule, the ETC is distributed according to the 'Loading Pattern'. 
  • When manually entering and updating ETC segments, changing the dates on the Task will take all assignments and redistribute the ETC amount across future periods. 
  • When posting actual time entries for a 'Fixed' Loading pattern, the amount of ETC for that period is deleted and the remaining ETC amount is redistributed across future periods.
  • For more details on how ETCs work, reference the following KB 207787: ETC spread starts after Actual Thru Date