Connecting to Jaspersoft server reports from Modern UX's Channels
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Connecting to Jaspersoft server reports from Modern UX's Channels


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In the Modern User Experience (UX), there is a functionality to connect to external websites and interact with them, from within the application. This functionality is called Channels. Its configuration and usage are mentioned in the documentation at: Configure Links to External Content With Channels.

However, there are limitations imposed due to security reasons from external websites, that can result in nothing getting displayed in Channels. The explanation for this behaviour is explained in the KB Blueprint Channel Modules security error referencing 'X-Frame-Options'. Connecting to Jaspersoft Server Reports from within the Modern UX, can also be impacted due to this security setup.


Latest version tested: 15.7.1


The URLs used in Channels are made to point to the Jaspersoft Server. One such common URL format is shown below.

This URL will result in a violation of the CORS policy for Jaspersoft Servers.


Connection to Jaspersoft Server Reports can be made by using the Clarity URL instead of the Jaspersoft Server URL. A sample URL is being shown below.

This will result in the Jaspersoft Server Reports getting displayed in the Modern UX without throwing any errors.