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Raising a Product License request with Global Customer Assistance team in the Broadcom Support Portal


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Licensing-CA Support Portal


You need to obtain a license for one of your Broadcom products or are having issues with the Broadcom Support Portal and need to open a case for assistance


All Broadcom Enterprise Products


In order to help a with a license request there are different processes that need to be followed to generate the licenses for different products. Broadcom has allocated the Global Customer Assistance team (GCA) that takes care of such issues/requests and please note:

  • Each product may have its own requirement/pre-requisite for the GCA team to create the license
  • In order for the support case to reach to GCA team, the right options need to be selected during the case creation in the support portal


Selecting the "License" option will make sure that the case goes to the GCA team and they are able to process the request and similarly for issues faced with the Broadcom Support Portal simply select "Support Portal" as the option in product drop down
  1. Create a Case
  2. Select Case Type should be Global Customer Assistance
  3. Choose a Product which will be Licensing
  4. Choose the applicable Company
  5. Enter an applicable Subject
  6. Enter a detailed Description
  7. Choose an applicable Severity
  8. Define how it impacts your business
  9. Define an applicable Operating System
  10. Define an applicable Service Pack
  11. Define the applicable Release version
  12. Try to fill out as many licensing details as possible if a licensing issue otherwise Submit

Additional Information

More information about opening a GCA case can be found here