Submitting product license requests via the Broadcom support portal
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Submitting product license requests via the Broadcom support portal


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Licensing-CA Support Portal


You have licensing questions regarding your Broadcom product(s).


All Broadcom Enterprise products


Broadcom's Global Customer Assistance team (GCA) team can assist you with product licensing. Different products require different licensing requirements\pre-requisites.

When creating a support case in the support portal, always select the correct options that align with your Broadcom product. 

From your support portal, create a new case. 

  1. Choose your Product (select Licensing for licensing issues, Support Portal for Broadcom Support Portal questions.)
  2. Select 1 for the version.
  3. In the Subject, provide a brief summary of the issue. 
  4. In the Description, provide as much detail as possible to assist the GCA team in locating your information.  
  5. Choose an applicable Severity.
    1. Your system is down, and the condition is impacting a production environment (Must use phone support).
    2. Severely limited functionality is impacting business.
    3. Majority of software functions are usable; low impact to business.
    4. Software is functioning with minor problems.
  6. If applicable, define how it impacts your business
  7. (Optional) Add the Operating System
  8. (Optional) Add the current product Service Pack
  9. Click Submit

Additional Information

If you cannot access the support portal, contact Broadcom Customer Care.