Missing property in synchronization between ARD and TFS (Azure Devops). Requires enhancement of the "TFS Connector" from ARD


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


Request of enhancement of the "TFS Connector" from ARD

Below the use case explanation :

è Today we are able to push and update Test Cases from ARD to TFS successfully

è We are able also to push test data as an attachment to TFS

For the latter there is a need : the data as an attachment is not convenient

In TFS there is a possibility to use Test Data that the Tester are more convenient with : it’s the “parameter value” possibility (it enable data driven via “iteration run” on TFS)

In a word : in the test step, we need to put a variable like this “@myvar” with all the values associated (as a list) and below the test there is a table that have a column named the same as the variable (could be a local parameter in TFS or a Shared Parameter in TFS, please understand it) with the different value coming from ARD data

Could you please develop a way to synchronize ARD data with  "Parameter Value" and "Shared Parameter Value" in TFS !



Enhancement request has been taken by product management.


Release : 3.0

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer


SE team has taken this as a user story for later implementation. Please check the release notes of releases after ARD 3.0.
Account representative can be contacted to know more about the timeline of this feature implementation.