Automation Update for Object Types / Action Types name
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Automation Update for Object Types / Action Types name


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


There is a painful thing that is a blocking situation in Automation Configuration in ARD : 

When we update an Object Type or an Action Type, the change is not spread into the model that are linked to the Object/Action in the automation Layer. So today, we have hundred of Action Types and without an automatic update in all the model, we have to update every block manually. This task is unthinkable since there is hundred of block and manual updating them is out of question for the customer (and could also lead to human error by not renaming well the Action in question).


Release : 3.0

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer


This option is working as designed for now.


SE team has understood the scenario and acknowledged that it may be one of the user requirement to consider.
They have taken this as a user story for later implementation.