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How to change the library type for a macro library. (R6.4)


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PanAudit Plus Easytrieve Report Generator PAN/SQL


The default of the Easytrieve Plus macro library is set as Panvalet library.  How should he do to set PDSE library as the Easytrieve Plus macro library. (Easytrieve Plus R6.4 or lower releases.)


Release : 6.4

Component : CA Easytrieve Plus Report Generator


Specify "MACRO=PDS" instead of the "MACRO=(PAN,PANMODI)" in their EZTPOPT settings if you want to use a PDS or PDSE library as a Easytrieve macro library.
You can change customization parameters in a EZTPOPT (Option table module) by using any of the following JCLs.
Prefix.JCLOUT(JOB8A) (Use SMP/E)
Prefix.SAMPJCL(CA\AIJS3) (Do not use SMP/E)

(For Easytrieve Plus R6.4 or lower releases)