CA Workload Automation AE Server - Client communication failure
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CA Workload Automation AE Server - Client communication failure


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Autosys Workload Automation CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys)


The CA Workload Automation AE CLI commands from the newly installed client pointing to an existing AE Server returns the following error -

$ chk_auto_up
CAUAJM_E_10029 Communication attempt with the CA WAAE Application Server has failed! [application-server:9000]
CAUAJM_E_10221 Exhausted list of available Application Server(s). Failing request.
CAUAJM_E_50033 Error initializing tx subsystem:  CAUAJM_E_10062 Failed to get initial configuration from CA WAAE Application Server(s).


Release: 11.3.5, 11.3.6 and above

Component: CA Workload Automation AE Client


The most common causes are
  • Server communication (network/port)
  • Encryption mismatch
  • The Secure Socket Adaptor (CSAM) configuration.
Before the client installation, the administrator needs to verify the requirements for CA WAAE Client communication according to the existing server configuration.


WAAE Clients communicate with the Application Server through the SSA sockets.
  • Network port 7163 for CSAM on both Application Server host and the Client host needs to be open for bidirectional communication. The "CA WAAE requirements to Communicate with AE Clients and CA WA system agents" are documented here. 
  • Application server port along with the port-range within secure socket adapter (csam) needs to be configured to match with the csam configuration on the server. Please review the section "Application Server Starts, Client on Remote Machine Times out" from the following link.

  • The Application server name and the port being used must be the same as in the  AE Application Server configuration file ($AUTOUSER/config.$AUTOSERV).  Properties are - 

  • Encryption method and key between the server and client must be the same.
  • Verify property "UseEncryption" in the AE Server configuration file ($AUTOUSER/config.$AUTOSERV) match with that of with the newly installed client.

In case of custom encryption, ensure the encryption string matches the one used in the server. Any mismatch would lead to the communication failure.
The encryption key file can be copied over from the AE server($AUTOUSER/cryptkey.txt) to the client server ($AUTOUSER/cryptkey.txt).

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