search in Service Point causes Error in retrieving the Suggested Categories
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search in Service Point causes Error in retrieving the Suggested Categories


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Searching for a string foo via SP is causing "Error in retrieving the Suggested Categories. Contact the Administrator"

We can see the 5 categories that can be allocated as featured categories in Service Point, but any searches which should result in a list of Categories to be shown (to be selected for ticket creation) results in this error.  


Release : 17.2



During the application of Rollup 6 ( patch, some of the old jar files did not get deleted by the installer.  Normally they are deleted, but it is possible under certain conditions that either a running-xFlow service or for some other reason, the installer did not replace the files.

Similar oddities were also seen with other Rollup patches too.


1) Backup C:\Program Files\CA\xFlow   folder
2) Browse each of the following folders  (example: incidentmicroservice-17.0.479)   C:\Program Files\CA\xFlow\APPS\Services\****microservice***\lib
3) Sort out the contents of the folder by name
4) Identify all files which have a filename with a string 323 in it, (***323***.jar,   example: )  files and delete them.
Note:  If the Rollups in question are older Rollups, the jar file versions could be slightly older.  Basically we are looking for same jar file name but different version number in the same folder. Such should not exist)
5) Restart xFlow