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Event Rules not showing up in the Event Configuration Event rules tab.


Article ID: 145332


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CA Spectrum CA eHealth


After configuring the following event on an event by manually editing the EventDisp file the Event Configuration editor does not show the rule when reviewing the Event Rule tab for the event:

0x06930017 E 10 R CA.EventCondition,\
"regexp ({ v 105 }, {S\"Normal  \\\+\"})", "0X0693001a -:-",\
"default", "0x06930019 -:-"


Release : 10.3

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


There was a typo in the following event rule. The event code in the following rule has an uppercase X in the event code 0X0693001a. Changing the event to use a lowercase x and reloading the event disposition files resolved this issue. 


Make sure the event codes in the event rule are using a lowercase x in the event code ie..  0x0693001a. Replace all of the event codes that use an uppercase X with a lowercase x and reload the event disposition files.