snmpcollector probe issues with templates
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snmpcollector probe issues with templates


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are experiencing continuous issues with a remote hub running snmpcollector probe, version 3.50

We are monitoring devices (network switches) using a template, and our current concern is with interface monitoring. We have 3 interface filters on the template: 1) a Utilization filter (requires tagging the interface's "Component User Defined Properties" with "UTILIZATION"); 2) an INCLUDE filter (requires tagging the interface's "Component User Defined Properties" with "INCLUDE"); and 3) a Default filter (it is only supposed to gather Data metrics like bits, bytes, Admin status, etc. but has no alarming configured).

The first 2 of those filters are configured to alarm on OperStatusPollable. This lets us specify which interfaces we want alarms on when going down. The last filter, the Default filter, is only supposed to gather data (I will attach screenshots 1 and 2 showing the default filter being applied, but that it is also set to not alarm). However, we continuously get alarms for interfaces on devices that are using the Default filter for OperStatusPollable, where there are not supposed to be alarms. We upgraded to v3.50, which was supposed to fix the issues with Templates being incorrectly applied. We have restarted the robot, the snmpcollector probe, and the ppm probe multiple times (deactivating, then activating), and it may clear the problem for a while, but it always returns. The client keeps getting alerted for interfaces being down that they do not care about.


Release : 8.51


Robot v7.93


1. Modify your template to correct the filter you have defined for the "Default CPU Filter" CPU component filter. The filter/value is case-sensitive. Change the filter to:

Label => [Condition="Does not Contain", Value="Multi"]

Save the template change.

2. Deactivate the baseline_engine probe
3. Delete or rename the \Nimsoft\probes\slm\baseline_engine\cache_dir\ archive
4. Activate the baseline_engine probe
5. From the Admin Console, select the View Probe Utility in New Window option for the snmpcollector probe
6. From the snmpcollector Probe Utility tab in your browser, select the apply_templates command from the command list in the left-hand pane.
7. Select the Send Command Request button (green arrow) in the right-hand pane to execute the command

This should then assure that the correct templates are applied to the CPU components for your device and you will only see alarms for the CPU components where only the "Default CPU Filter" template is applied.