How to import Alarm filter and Global Collection Hierarchy with modelinggateway
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How to import Alarm filter and Global Collection Hierarchy with modelinggateway


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In a DSS environment, the upgrade from Spectrum 10.2.1 to Spectrum 10.4.1 via modelinggateway may fail to import the Alarm Filter and Global Collection Hierarchy. 
The steps documented in the Resolution can help to successfully import the missing data.


Release : 10.4

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Do the following steps:

1. In 10.2.1 setup.
 a. Rename C:\win32app\Spectrum\lib\
modelinggateway100.jar to C:\win32app\Spectrum\lib\modelinggateway100_old.jar.
 b. Rename C:\win32app\Spectrum\SS-Tools\
.modelinggatewayresource.xml to C:\win32app\Spectrum\SS-Tools\.modelinggatewayresource_old.xml

2. In 10.4.1 setup.
    Copy C:\win32app\Spectrum\lib\
modelinggateway100.jar from here to 10.2.1 setup's C:\win32app\Spectrum\lib location.

3. In 10.4.1 setup
   Edit C:\win32app\Spectrum\SS-Tools\
.modelinggatewayresource.xml file and add "<OneClickGlobalUserPreferences attribute_id="0x12a7f" />" attribute under "<SpectrumConfigurationExport model_type="GlobalConfig" >" xml tag. Save this file.

4. Now copy C:\win32app\Spectrum\SS-Tools\
.modelinggatewayresource.xml from 10.4.1 to 10.2.1 setup's C:\win32app\Spectrum\SS-Tools location.

5. In 10.2.1, export data using modelinggateway batch file.
 command : ./modelinggateway.bat -vnm <machine name> -e <result xml file name>
 Example : ./modelinggateway.bat -vnm scw2k12-vm3 -e result.xml

6. Open result.xml file and check for below strings:
 a. "
OneClickGlobalUserPreferences" should be present for model_type="GlobalConfig"
 b. "
UserGroupPreferences" should be present.

7. Copy this C:\win32app\Spectrum\SS-Tools\
result.xml from 10.2.1 setup to 10.4.1 setup C:\win32app\Spectrum\SS-Tools location.

8. Initialize the DB to legacy DB using SCP window in 10.4.1.

9. Import this result.xml.
 Command : ./modelinggateway -vnm <machine name> -user <user name> -i <xml file> -o <output log file name> -debug <debug log file name>
 Example : ./modelinggateway -vnm DevVM -user spectrum -i result.xml -o log1 -debug import_log  

Tomcat restart followed by one click client required after finish import process.  

After the Spectrum Tomcat restart and reopen of  OC console the Alarm filters should appear.

There is no issue observed. Only Tomcat restart followed by one click client required after finish import process.

Support Engineer Finding:

1. OneClickGlobalUserPreferences is global attribute while HibernationCommSuccessTries is local attribute. We can see this information in one click client attribute section.
2. When we are importing exported xml from Non-MLS SS, then below logic will execute.
    a) Before writing attributes, global and local attributes gets split.
    b) Local attributes will be written for same Non-MLS SS GlobalConfig model-handle only.
    c) Global Attributes will be written for MLS SS model GlobalConfig model-handle.
3. Once import process finished, mostly the global attributes will not reflect under one click client attribute section.
4. We can check OneClickGlobalUserPreferences attribute value in MLS SS machine CLI. It should show value of OneClickGlobalUserPreferences attribute.
    a) Go to "/usr/Spectrum/vnmsh".
    b) Execute cmd : ./connect
    c) Execute cmd : ./show attributes attr=<attribute id for OneClickGlobalUserPreferences> mh=<model_handle for GlobalConfig of MLS SS>
           Example : ./show attributes attr=0x12a7f mh=3c00012
5. Now for reflecting these values and alarm filters in one click, we have to restart Tomcat server followed by one click client. After restart, these attributes start showing in one click client. All alarm filters also start showing.
6. If still these attributes are not showing, please restart all landscapes also followed by Tomcat server and one click client.

In DSS environment to import the Global Collection Hierarchy a manual action is required for the following issue:

In 10.4.1 DSS environment, CollectionHierarchy attribute have default value(<f n="CollectionHierarchy" o="root" ></f>). During the import process, there is a hard check that if any attribute is non-empty, do not override it. Due to this, CollectionHierarchy attribute not overridden during the import process and we observed "Global Collection Hierarchy not showing" issue.

Proposed solution:
CollectionHierarchy attribute value from any landscape of 10.2.1 and paste it in 10.4.1 environment CollectionHierarchy attribute value for any landscape.

1.  Go to "
Locater->Model". Expend Models and click on "By Model Class". Select "Unknown" from drop-down and press OK. Find "GlobalConfig" in results. If Environment is DSS, then you will get multiple GlobalConfig entries. Select any GlobalConfig row and click on Attributes tab in bottom screen.

2. Find
CollectionHierarchy attribute (0x12a7d)Double click on it. Copy it from 10.2.1 and paste it in the same attribute on 10.4.1 environment