Problem on generation SQL after DROP Tablespace


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Working with the Recover a Dropped Object feature and attempted to recover data for several tablespaces after a DROP TABLESPACE, Log Analyzer was unable to create the SQL statements for one of the tablespaces. On other tablespaces, the process was good and SQL statements were generated without problem. What was wrong with this tablespace?.


Release : 20.0

Component : CA Log Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS


The problem was the PSID of the tablespace recreated was different from the original PSID, this situation can be fixed with the MAPID keyword. 
          ,MAPID  (OLD(old dbid, old psid)
                  ,NEW(new dbid, new psid))       
          ,COMMIT (1000) 
          ,AUTHID ()     
          ,RI     (NO)   
          ,URHEAD (NO)   
Whenever you need to use an image copy map and there has been a change of PSID or DBID then you need to specify the MAPID keyword.
The reason for the MAPID keyword is to connect an image copy map with proper table space internal structure.