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The license for CABI JasperReports Server r6.3.0 expired. Where can I find the correct license and where should it be placed?


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DVD01095542E.iso includes two license files for CABI JasperReports Server r6.3.0.

When you install JasperReports Server, the correct license file should be installed automatically.

If you find that the license file has expired 10 days after installation, then it is highly likely that the wrong file is being used by the JasperReports Server.

The two license files are both named 'jasperserver.license'.

One license file is approximately 2KB in size and the other license file is approximately 4KB.

The 2KB file expires after 10 days from the installation date.

The 4KB file is the correct license file.


Where can I find the correct license?  Where should it be placed in the installation so that it gets used?


CA Service Desk Manager 17.0 with CABI JasperReports Server r6.3.0


The iso DVD name is 'DVD01095542E.iso'.

The 4KB license file can be found on the DVD in the "ca_install" subdirectory.

The exact file size of the 4KB 'jasperserver.license' file is 3663 bytes.

The default installation location of the license file that is used by JasperReports Server is:

C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\CA Business Intelligence\apache-tomcat\webapps\jasperserver-pro

Ensure that the license file that is under that directory is the 4KB file and not the 2KB file.

After placing the correct license file in the correct location, stop and then restart Apache Tomcat.

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