Ip address not showing on UIM robot installer on server with multiple IP's


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


On a Windows Server with multiple IP addresses, the UIM robot installer is not showing the address I want to install the robot on. 
The Ip address I want to install the robot on is not on the list shown by the robot installer. 


The cause of this issue may be a custom network configuration on the server.


Release : UIM 9.x

Component : UIM - ROBOT


Setting the correct IP address as the preferred/default/primary IP resolves this issue.  

Workaround without altering network configuration:

1. Install robot selecting "Automatic"
2. allow the installer to install the robot
3. Once finished, stop the robot service
4. In the robot.cfg set:

robotip = <robot_ip>

5. Start the robot service.