DUAS: Event Wait Jobs continue to Check Conditions while being Disabled (Held)


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When a Job is Held (status displayed as Disabled) after being in status Event Wait due to the fact that the Condition was not fulfilled because the Awaited Job Event or Resource was not available, the Condition will continue to be checked during all the time it will remain in status Disabled.

As a result, the Resource Log (even though it can't be displayed via UVC - Job Runs (Click Right - Trace - Resource Log)  will continue to be written and might produce huge Resource Logs in the log/area folder.

After performing the Release operation on the Job, the Job may immediately Run as the Condition was fulfilled while being Disabled.


This is expected behavior as the operation Hold only Suspends the Launch and not the Condition Check while being Held.


Release : 6.10



We advise to restrict the usage of the operation Hold to the minimum when dealing with Event Wait Jobs.
Launches should be Held by Disabling/Simulating the Tasks or by Exceptions so that the Job never goes to status Event Wait so its condition will not be checked.

In case the Condition Check needs to be suspended, Delete the Event Wait Job or Update its Launch with a End Date in the Past so that the Job goes to status Time Overrun.