OpenJDK OneClick Console freezes in Spectrum 10.4.x


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CA Spectrum


Spectrum 10.4.0 FT
OS: Linux

Since upgrading to Spectrum 10.4, the users experience the following problem in any of their environments (Test, PreLive or Production).

When a user performs a locator search in Spectrum OneClick and selects a special device type, the OC console freeze, and no further actions can be taken.


We detected two "OpenJDK Platform binary" processes for the user, we used for the test, "jawaws.exe" and "OpenJDK Platform binary".
Once we ended the "OpenJDK Platform binary" process with lesser memory consumption, we experienced a refresh in the OneClick console and after that, it could be used without any further problems.


Release : 10.4

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


There is a known issue with the OneClick client freezing on 10.4.0. This is resolved with Adapt JRE 232 which is delivered with Spectrum_10.04.00.BMP_10.4.001. This has been posted here: