How to raise Case in CA Support Portal?


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This document tells us how can an individual raise a support ticket with CA Payment Security Team.

How to raise Case in CA Support Portal?




1) Please access the support url in any of the latest browsers. 

2) Once done you would notice the below home screen. 

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3) You would need the user credentials to be able to login to the above portal. If you are a first time user, you can request access to the portal by sending an email to [email protected] 

4) Once you log in , in order for you to create a new support ticket you would need to select the Tab “Log a Case” as shown below.

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5) Once you click on the "Log a Case" tab, you would be asked to enter the details of the query you wish to log with CA Support. You would need to select the "Severity" of the issue/query. You would need to select the "Product" as say "PAYMENT SECURITY SAAS/ON-DEMAND", "Type" as say "Cardholder Inquiry", "Subject" and "Product Version" to proceed with the "Description" of the issue. 

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Please note that using this facility you can initiate new cases and also follow the status of open cases online via the "View Cases" tab. 

This way of filing cases allows one to connect directly by Web to our support case tracking system and is preferable over use of an email thread to file a case. 


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