Inline Edit of lookups/drop down - sometimes values are cut off


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  • Not always able to see the full values of a drop down/lookup from a Clarity PPM list view when you click on a cell to edit it.
  • Sometimes part of the drop down value is cut off 
  • For example
    • We have a field named "Hours" that displays as an image
    • When you click on it a drop down appears defaulting to "Select". 
    • Part of the word Select is cut off in the screen so you only see "ect" until you click on the drop down


Release : All supported Releases

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


Increase the column width for the attribute/field.

Example for an object list page change from admin side:
1. Go to Administration->Studio->Objects->Click on the object
2. Go to the Views tab
3. Click Fields next to the list view you want to edit
4. Click on the properties icon for the lookup field you want to increase the width for
5. Change the column width to a higher % then the current value (IE if set to 1%, try 5%)
You may have to test around to see what value works based on the amount of columns you have in the portlet

For portlets:
  • You will instead see a List Column Section tab when you click on the portlet from the admin side
  • Click on the List Column Section drop down and select Fields, then proceed with steps 4 & 5 above
Note: We recommend no more than 10-15 columns on a portlet or list view to prevent performance issues

Additional Information

See 140927 - for steps on how to change the column width for one user