IDM Management Console Invalid password
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IDM Management Console Invalid password


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After installation if IDM, I am unable to log into the IDM management console with the password provided during the installation.


Release : 14.3 GA and CP1

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


Certain characters are not encrypted correctly which causes this issue.

opt/CA/IdentityManager/IAM_Suite/IdentityManager/tools/PasswordTool > ./ -JSAFE -p c0nfi$$g

Your JAVA_HOME is currently set to /opt/CA/jdk1.8.0_71/
Encrypting your password ...
Plain Text: testpassword
Encrypted value: {PBES}:e+m/2gqNpQiAlgmQs8DTDg==


In order to work around this issue do the following:

  1. With the PasswordTool create a new encrypted password without the $ symbol
  2. That new encrypted password will need to be added to the IM_AUTH_USER table of your Objectstore database.  For assistance with updating that table please refer to the additional notes section. 

Additional Information

How to update the IM_AUTH_USER table:

This issue will be corrected progamatically in the next major release.