Rally: How to determine which tags are used and where
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Rally: How to determine which tags are used and where


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How to determine which tags are used 


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When initiating the deletion of the tag, a confirmation message like "Are you sure you want to permanently delete this tag? The tag is used by # items." appears. In this way, you would know if the tag is being used by a work item or not. However, this is not very helpful when you have several tags on the list.  There are two ways to get the information:

  1. You can also get the tags by creating an API call to get this information in a roundabout way. 
    1. It would be necessary to query for each artifact type (Defect, User Story, Defect Suite, Test Set, Portfolio Item and Test Case).  Here is the query for Defect:
    2. https://rally1.rallydev.com/slm/webservice/v2.0/defect?query=(Tags.ObjectID > 0)&fetch=Tags,Project
    3. It would then be possible to go through the JSON output (using a script) to find the Tags/projects/Tag names etc.....
  2. You can get a list of the tags by using Tag Management App.  See the GitHub link for more information.
    1.  Add "Custom HTML" app to your dashboard or shared page
    2. Copy the HTML Code from:  https://github.com/RallyTechServices/tag-management/blob/master/deploy/Ugly.txt
    3. Paste the HTML code into the HTML area > Save
    4. See the Custom HTML App, it should look similar to: