questions about acf2 certificate export functions
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questions about acf2 certificate export functions


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I have an acf2 certificate to install, and the current one is not connected to an "FTPD.RING1" ring.

Is this because it may be an SSL/TLS certificate, and this may be normal?


Also, if I export this certificate using the format and pass parameters as (in case it is a private certificate):

EXPORT CERTAUTH.XXXTEST DSN('DC.ACF2.CERTAUTH.DSSTEST') FORMAT(PKCS12b64) PASS(TEST123)                     or this format ...   


would this hurt anything if I were to insert it at a later time? 


Release : 2.3

Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


If an ACF2 certificate that is not connected to a keyring it is not in use. 

The export format does not matter as long as the place where the certificate is exported to can use that format. For example, Windows cannot use PKCS12B64.

A certificate can always be inserted at a later time. So if a certificate is exported and then the certificate is inserted back into ACF2, it would overwrite the current certificate.