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How to create a DEV environment from Production to test upgrading.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I would like to upgrade our UIM environment 8.51 SP1 to DX IM 9.0.2 and then to 9.2.0.
I am building a test environment to replicate my production UIM core (SQLDB, Prim, Sec, UMP) environment.
I would like to import my production configuration viz. mcs templates, performance reports, dashboards to my test environment to replicate our production.
Could you please help me with the documents relevant to the upgrade or migration?



UIM 8.x 9.x



Below are the steps to take.

1) setup your dev with the same from production
-Server OS types and version
-database types and versions
-make sure to use a different instance or server for the database from the primary.
2) do a clean install of UIM 8.51 and UMP 8.51
3) when doing the install make sure to name the database name the same it in production
3) update to Sp1 for primary and ump
4) backup your database from production and restore it to the dev environment.
5) make sure it is working.
6) run your upgrade on dev.