How to load CICS Data Dictionary Records
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How to load CICS Data Dictionary Records


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MICS Resource Management


Recently migrated the Development and Production CICS Regions to CICS 5.5 version.  I have applied the support for the CICS release level.  However the CICS records are being rejected by the CICS run due to not having the CICS Dictionary records to read the input with. 
For the CICS regions that were upgraded, how do I get the CICS Dictionary records loaded into the tables so that I can continue to process on a daily basis.   I have two CICS Units and a number of CICS regions in each unit that will need to have the Data Dictionary records populated...  


Release : 14.1

Component : CA MICS


It states in the CICS Analyzer Option documentation that if the dictionary record is not present in your input, you can generate one using the IBM utility program DFHMNDUP.


Additional Information

Use IBM's DFHMNDUP utility to generate records and concatenate those in front of the SMF input.  Dictionary records are generated every time a region is bounced, so its also possible after the next IPL that your input data will contain dictionary records.

IBM provides a utility program, DFHMNDUP, which creates and writes dictionary records to a sequential file. You can use this utility to generate and missing dictionary records. Concatenate this file ahead of your normal input file to DAY040. For more information on DFHMNDUP, see the CICS/ESA Operations Guide.