Rally: New UI- Not able to add discussions, notes and click on the gear wheel directly in the iteration Status


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally) CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally)


-Previously we could add discussions directly in iteration view. This is no longer possible. Instead, we must click into discussions tab, choose edit, navigate away from the view and enter our comments, then navigate back. This is too many clicks to be useful during scrum calls
-Previously we had a gear wheel next to user stories that allowed us to make some modifications to the user stories. One of the options the gear wheel gave was the ability to "split" a user story. I am unable to find this functionality now that this update has been applied.
-Previously we could add a "Notes" column to my "iteration view" and we could directly change the value in the notes column from the iteration view. Now we have to open the story/task to navigate to the notes field, making it more clicks to get the same effect.


New UI causing this different behavior


Release : SAAS



The following workaround allows you to keep the same behavior:

1. Create a new Page and set to Iteration filter:

2. Click on "Start adding apps" and add "Iteration Tracking" apps

3. Now you will have the 3 functionalities: