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Can device be on SNMP v3 for discovery and v2 for sending trap work in Spectrum?


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Some network devices only allow SNMP V2 configured for sending traps, but is capable of SNMPv3 and configured for SNMPv3.

Will mixing SNMP versions work for Spectrum?  Will Spectrum receive SNMP v2 traps from device configured as SNMP V3?


If you are managing the devices using SNMPV3, the devices must be configured to send SNMPV3 traps and the SNMPV3 profile must be created in Spectrum. 


Release : 10.3

Component : SPECTRUM


You cannot manage a device in Spectrum with SNMPV3 and have that device send SNMPV2 traps to Spectrum be forwarded to the SNMPV3 device model in Spectrum.