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OPS/MVS - Does the Schedule Manager need to be Synchronized After Upgrade? And How is it done?


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Is it necessary to SYNChronize the schedule in Schedule Manager with SSM?  






Release : 13.5

Component : OPS/MVS


After upgrading, it can become necessary to activate the schedule via synchonization, or whenever a broken link is detected.  

To do this, go to the OPSVIEW panel =4.11.U.2 and enter the line command Y (Synchronize) next to the appropriate schedule 

Scheduler states what can require a re-synchronization:

"This command finds all links that point to periods that no longer 
exist or to resources that are no longer StateMan managed.        
(Primarily, these invalid links are caused by removing a resource 
from StateMan control without first removing it from SchedMan     
control; however, they can also be caused by system failures      
while a schedule is being edited.)  When an invalid link is found 
the user can choose to leave it alone, delete it, or change the   
period or resource name so as to make the link valid.           

HELP shows the various Line Commands available on this screen as follows:

All of the Schedule Manager Primary commands are available from the Schedule
List Panel. To execute a command from this panel, type the command letter   
in the command column next to the schedule you want to act on. To see       
a description of these commands,choose one of the topics listed below by    
by number, or press ENTER to see the topics in sequence.                    
  1  -  C (Copy), M (Merge), and R (Rename) commands                        
  2  -  E (Edit), I (Insert), and Y (sYnchronize) commands                  
  3  -  D (Delete), F (Free), and L (Activate) commands