Extract value condition fails only at runtime
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Extract value condition fails only at runtime


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


An extract value condition has been defined and tested successfully. However during runtime, the extract value condition fails and returns a null value.
If this behavior occurs, it is likely a timing issue in conjunction to the file that the extract value condition is running against. An example where this issue has occurred is in the following situation:

1. A task has 2 conditions
2. A Before Condition 1 creates a file that will be used in an extract value condition
3. A Before Condition 2 contains the extract value condition

Applications Manager conditions in a task can execute back to back with little to no time in between each condition. In the above configuration, it is possible that condition 1 has not completed the creation of the file before condition 2 executes. This results in the extract value condition to return a null value since the file does not yet exist.




Timing issue


Allow more time between the file creation process and the extract file process to allow the file creation process to complete. This could mean:

1. Splitting the conditions between 2 different Jobs


2. Splitting the condition so that one condition is a Before Condition and one is an After Condition