ERROR: BY variable SCSID is not on input data set WEEKS.HARDVA00.


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CA MICS Resource Management


We are upgrading from MICS r14.0 to MICS R14.2. Our operating system is Z/OS 2.2.

In our test environment, we have installed all the necessary maintenance (r14.0 and r14.2). The daily has abended with a U0999 at the DAY020 with this message in the SASLOG:

ERROR : BY variable SCSID is not on the input dataset WEEKS.HARDVA00.

Effectively, It is not there ?




Release : 14.2

Component : CA MICS


One of the RMF PTFs included in the 14.2 upgrade is RMF7111.  
RMF7111 adds a new Summarization Key, SCSID, to the high volume HARDVA file.   
As part of the checklist for RMF7111 there is a step instructing to retrofit the database to populate HARDVA file new sort-seq var SCSID

To retrofit your database either:                
Submit the following job(s) from the PSP         
Supplemental Jobs panel (MWF;5;2;1;5):           
-- OR --                                         
Add a JOB statement, supply the sharedprefix and 
the unit identifier to the MICSDBx PROC, and     
submit the job(s).                               
Ensure that all steps complete with a condition  
code of zero.