Using Templates in xFlow to create Requests/Incidents Service desk ticket
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Using Templates in xFlow to create Requests/Incidents Service desk ticket


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How can we  use Templates to Create Requests and Incidents ?

I have enabled the esearch.default.categoryNtemplate.suggestions value to 5 but still it doesnt show any templates from xFlow Command.

It Shows only Categories.


Release : 17.X



You  can use Templates to create Requests and Incidents .   To do achieve that , you will need to do the following configurations :

A.  First this need to be enabled  esearch.default.categoryNtemplate.suggestions 

In SDM UI,  Administration -> xFlow Interface -> General ->  esearch.default.categoryNtemplate.suggestions, to make sure its configuration value is set accordingly 

B.  Secondly  you need to need to associate a Category (with smart words) to a Template and then use those smart works to raise a ticket :

1.  In SD incident ticket  with  its category ( i.e. , its incident area) as "Application" .  I have  an incident ticket with this category  and i make it as an  incident ticket  template in Service Desk first  via Service Desk UI.  

2. Then ,   In SDM ,  Administration -> xFlow Interface -> Smart Words ->  I created a smart word testingApp for the  incident/request's  category  "Application"  :

Note :  After  the smart word can be used, you need to reindex Search  on search server  ( i.e.  execute pdm_es_rebuild_index.bat  to rebuild index .)  so that the search can find this new smart word

3. In xFlow UI ,  I do  "new a ticket" to log a new ticket. first.  In Command Bar I type "testingApp' and  then it is able to locate that template automatically   :

4.   Then hit Enter , it will create an incident ticket by using that template .