Compatibility between CA Common Services 14.1 and 15.0


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CA Common Services for z/OS


Upgrading to CA Common Services from 14.1 to 15.0 but not in one shot.

During a few weeks, some partitions will run with CA Common Services 14.1 and others will run with 15.0.  

Using CAENF component, is there a compatibility problem?





CA Common Services 14.1 & 15.0 - z/OS supported releases - 


There is no compatibility problem between CA Common Services 14.1 and 15.0 as long as all the required LINKLIST libraries and other system wide settings and libraries are kept separate.  

Using CCI to support CPF activity, it still does not matter. The LPARS can run mixed release. 

In fact, CA Common Services 15.0 and 14.1 are essentially the same code. CA Common Services 15.0 was just a roll-up of maintenance.

The consolidation of FMIDS was more of a packaging thing and had nothing to do with the code itself.