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Users are unable able to log in to Clarity, however the browser displays a blank page.

The UI Theme is set to the Phoenix UI.

When changing the theme to a Classic UI theme, such as Teal and Gray, the page does display.


The Favorites menu can cause corruption, preventing the page to load correctly.

If after changing the UI Theme from the Phoenix UI, the user is not able to click or manage links on the Favorites menu, this is an indication of corruption.


Clarity PPM 15.x


Resolution 1

1. Run the query:

select * from CMN_MENU_ITEMS where menu_item_level =0 and principal_id= <affected_user>

NOTE: The users who experience the issue may not have an entry in this table

2. Change the UI theme to non Phoenix UI Theme
3. Log in as the affected user
Go to Favorites > Add Current

Note: This will add an entry to the table.

Resolution 2

There item could be hidden for the user in the CMN_MENU_ITEMS table.

1. Run query:

select * from cmn_menu_items
menu_item_level = 0 and principal_id = <affected_user_internal_id>';

If the is_hidden field is 1, change it to 0 per SQL approved SQL query provided by the Support team.

2. Make a backup of CMN_MENU_ITEMS

3. Run the query provided by the Support team.

Additional Information

See Phoenix Theme not Fully Rendering Classic UI Page (KB203074) for an another possible resolution.