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Creating a custom legend in UIM Dashboard Line Chart widget


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When designing a dashboard in UMP and creating Line Graphs I can see the Key / Legend for what each data series is but when switching the Live view the key / Legend disappears. Line chart widget is missing legend / key from live view. 

This KB describes how to create a custom legend in UIM Dashboard Line Chart widget


Unlike other widgets, the Line Chart does not have have the Legend Option


Release : UMP 9.x, 8.x



The current version of the dashboard does not have a legend associated with the Line Chart, so here below are the steps to create one manually:

After you have created your Line Chart:

1. Drag a Rectangle Widget onto the canvas underneath your Line Chart.
2. Change the size to be appropriate to your Line Chart.
3. Change the color to match the Series.


Series 1: #1F77B4
Series 2: #FF7F0E
Series 3: #2CA02C
Series 4: #D62728
Series 5: #9467BD
Series 6: #8C564B

4. Give the Widget a Label to match the Series.
5. Clone the Rectangle Widget and repeat for each Series.

Additional Information

Techdocs: Add a Line Chart widget