RSP Probe not able to authenticate on Windows Servers
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RSP Probe not able to authenticate on Windows Servers


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Cannot login to some Windows systems with the rsp probe even though it is possible to login to these systems using the Remote Desktop Connection app (rdp).

Error recorded in the rsp.log when attempting to connect to the problematic Windows server:

Feb 12 13:36:20:030 [8432] rsp: sockConnect - connect to <device IP address> 135 failed 10060 
Feb 12 13:36:20:030 [8432] rsp: thrDiscoverHost: <device IP address>: service wmi not available 


Release : Any supported UIM release

Component : UIM - RSP (any version)


The TCP connection to the remote windows system is timing out when attempting to connect using the default WMI port (135).


The 10060 socket connection error code indicates that the socket connect request timed out.  This error can occur for a variety of reasons. This basically means that no response (either positive or negative) was received from the remote host when the TCP connection attempt took place. One reason this may happen is because a firewall is blocking the response from the server.

135 = the port

To verify the ability to connect, remote into the robot hosting the rsp probe and use telnet to verify.

telnet ##.##.##.# 135

This also assumes that the WMI service is running on the  remote Windows system and is using the standard WMI port (135).  If the WMI service on the remote system is not using port 135, the device cannot be monitored with the rsp probe since the probe hard-codes port 135 for WMI as documented in

KB126217 : Is rsp probe able to monitor servers where WMI/ssh uses non default ports