How to change a device's Interface Name Suffix
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How to change a device's Interface Name Suffix


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How to change a device's Interface Name Suffix

By default, Spectrum will name interfaces using the device's model_name and append the ifName of the interface.


In some instances, a user may prefer to have the ifIndex, ifDescr, or ifAlias appended to the name
  instead of ifName.

This is controlled by the 'Interface Name Primary Suffix' attribute on the device.

   Attribute ID: 0x12a1e

Controls the naming convention for interface models at the device level. The attribute ID is used to determine what
  suffix is appended to the model name for an interface model. Valid attribute IDs include:
  • 0x11f7e (ifAlias)
  • 0x1134b (ifDescr)
  • 0x11f6f (ifName)
  • 0x11348 (ifIndex)


Release : All Supported Releases

Component : SPCCSS - SpectroSERVER Core


This attribute can be changed using the 'Attributes' Tab on the device or by selecting one or more
  devices and using the 'Attribute Editor'


After modifying the IfModelNameOption/0x12a1e attribute to the desired value it is necessary to reconfigure the model so that the
  Interface names will be reevaluated. If performing this action for a large number of devices it may be necessary to reconfigure
  in small groups as to not overwhelm the SpectroSERVER.

Example using ifIndex

Additional Information

When using the Attribute Editor and enabling 'Set As Default' be mindful of how this will affect your environment. When
  this is enabled the Attribute Editor will update the Attribute being modified on the Model Type in the catalog. In the example
  above the device is of Model Type Host_Device. This means that the attribute will be modified on the Host_Device model
  in the catalog. Many attributes inherit their values from the model type, if you change the Model Type this will also roll
  down to other existing models of that type that are inheriting the value and not just the model selected.

If you were to modify the attribute value directly on deviceB, then use the Attribute Editor on deviceB and use 'Set as Default'
  deviceB would not update as it is no longer inheriting the value unless it too was selected along with deviceA when the
  Attribute Editor was launched.