Unable to find CA - Broadcom mainframe products documentation and PDF files. 
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Unable to find CA - Broadcom mainframe products documentation and PDF files. 


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SymDump for CICS InterTest - CICS


Every time I try to navigate the Broadcom - CA web site support pages looking for documentation like PDF manuals, I end up on some glossy product sales page or some page with generic CSM how-to blurbs.  I want the PDF manual sets for the Broadcom - CA products.


First sign on to the Broadcom - CA web site.

On this page are SIX boxes. Please left click on the upper left hand corner box labeled

Mainframe Software

You will then be on the Mainframe Software Support web page

On the top of this page are six boxes

Please click on the Documentation box which is on the right hand side second row.

You will then be on the TECH DOCS PORTAL web page

On this link you have two options.

On the TOP box labeled  Search for your product enter the product name you qare looking for. Most of the time you will find your manuals here. These are the CURRENT products. 
If you are looking for older manuals go to the very bottom of the page and  you will see a BOX marked

Legacy Bookshelves and PDF'S 

In this example we will search for manuals for Intertest and Symdump.

At the top of the page please type in Intertest and you should see Intertest and Symdump as a choice. Once you select Intertest-Symdump you can select the release level by clicking on the Version box.

You can then click on the PDF box to create a PDF file for that release. You can then save the PDF file to your hard drive.