Active sessions on Clarity database remain for some time, is this a problem?


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Clarity PPM On Premise


The DBA let us know that there is a database session for a query running for many hours in the backend. When we run the same query in SQL developer it finishes within 20 - 30 secs, what could be the issue? 


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In Clarity we use connection pools, so the sessions are not removed immediately after completion.

When connection pools are just active in the database backend, this is not usually a concern. The way Clarity works is that it does not close database connections that are being reused. This is a normal behavior.

This is why the connection can remain there when it's open from Clarity and goes away if you run queries directly with SQL developer.

Please check with your DBA and ask them to let you know only if they see the connection is not being reused. If so, they have to provide you also with the full information, the times for the query and the actual query, and we look in it further and can see if it's a manual connection or built-in gel script.

Usually the fact the connection is there for a while is not a concern.