Admin Console unable to connect to the Web Archive


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


Admin Console is unable to connect to the Web Archive.

- Using a browser we can login okay to the web archive at

- IM is also able to connect to the Web Archive using the same credentials

However specifying the same credentials in Admin Console still does not get the connectivity working.


Release : 8.51



It was found that the Browser made use of a Proxy Server.
In this case the Admin Console also needs to be setup to use the proxy server.

1/ Ensure that the webgtw probe has been deployed to the Primary Hub. This is where the wasp probe hosting the admin console webapp runs.

2/ Configure the webgtw probe to specify the proxy server/port/credentials
See Configuring webgtw Step 3.

3/ Open the Primary Hub wasp probe in Raw Configure..
Expand section webapps -> adminconsoleapp -> custom -> uncrypted
and edit the webgtw_address
Specify the full path to the webgtw probe (Domain/Hub/robot/probe) and save

4/ Deactivate/Activate the webgtw probe. Once that has a port/pid deactivate/activate the Primary Hub wasp.

Check/Confirm if Admin Console now has connectivity to the web archive.