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How to manually start DevTest Windows Services


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CA Cloud Test Mobile CA Application Test Service Virtualization


Windows patch was rolled out recently and  VSE services are not coming up..  
I have restarted the service of portal but still it is down. Please find the attached Portal logs post restart.

Let me know if more details required.

2020-02-05 06:25:23,048Z (01:25) [qtp1620511809-123] ERROR org.springframework.boot.context.web.ErrorPageFilter - Forwarding to error page from request [/api/login] due to exception [Unrecognized Windows Sockets error: 0: recv failed]

retrofit.RetrofitError: Unrecognized Windows Sockets error: 0: recv failed




All supported versions

Component : CA Service Virtualization


Windows patch was rolled out recently


To manually start Windows services, please follow the steps below:

Lets say VSE 1, VSE 2 . VSE 3. VSE 4 are running on port 20131, 20132. 20133.,20134

Execute the below commands to make sure the ports are not being used:
D:\CA\DevTest_10.x\bin>netstat -ano | find ":20131"

D:\CA\DevTest_10.x\bin>netstat -ano | find ":20132"

Start the Services in Order .

D:\CA\DevTest_10.x\bin>net start "DevTest VSE1" ( net start <servicename> )

The DevTest VSE1 service was started successfully.

D:\CA\DevTest_10.x\bin>net start "DevTest VSE2"

The DevTest VSE2 service was started successfully.