CDA/ARA: Release Automation Perspective no longer loads after server patching
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CDA/ARA: Release Automation Perspective no longer loads after server patching


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


After server patching, the Release Automation perspective no longer loads and viewing the browser console shows repeated messages stating: start sending authenticate post message.

To Reproduce:
1.) Have the .net framework roll-ups from November/December 2019 recently installed on your ARA Server
2.) Log into the CDA/ARA* client
3.) Attempt to open the Release Automation perspective
4.) As the page stays blank, open the browser console (F12 in Chrome).
5.) There will be repetitive browser messages stating:
start sending authenticate post message

* This may be known as Automic Release Automation, ARA, CDA, Automic Continuous Delivery Manager


This is due to a change in how .Net handles SameSite specifications, which is utilized by CDA for authentication.

For more information:


To resolve this, configure the CDA components to utilize a Fully Qualified Host Name (FQHN) within the customer.config (located in the WebUI folder of the CDA component) and (located within the \config\webui-plugin-bond folder of each Automic Web Interface (AWI)) and ensure that the CDA system and the AWI are within the same domain. 

An example customer.config:
<add key="UC4Deployment.ECCURL" value="http://myserver1.subdomain.mydomain:8080/awi/" />
<add key="UC4Deployment.CallbackUrl" value="http://myserver2.subdomain.mydomain:80/CDA" />
An example

# URL of BOND on IIS

To find the FQHN, you can access the /service/deploymentservice.svc of your CDA server. Using the example above:


This will display the URL that will be used for all CDA references.