import Cisco Meraki plugin config from existing VNA to new


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CA Virtual Network Assurance


I have VNA in dev running the Cisco Meraki plugin. I am building a new prod system (VNA) and would like to export the config from the old and import into the new
Can you give me step by step to perform this action?


Release : 3.7

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Performance Management


There is no mechanism to export and import the configuration from a VNA plug-in provided at this time.

You can use the VNA admin console 
to get the existing configuration, and then copy it manually to the new environment.

1. Get the engine id using /v1/admin/engines



Now using the get /v1/admin/engines/{engineid}/config get the configuration of your running plug-in:

Do not include the quotes in the id.


and here is your configuration:


Then you can use this information to populate the new plug-in.

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