Impact on the Clarity Database when Implementing the Knowledge Store


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We are planning to implement the Knowledge Store in Clarity PPM. The uploaded files are getting stored in database as per the CSA settings. What is the impact on the Clarity PPM system?





- When storing documents in the database should be ok for general use, just make sure to test thoroughly beforehand.
- What we have seen before it's best to use filestore if you have a plan to upload large amount or tons of documents.
- If storing documents in the database we recommend working closely with your DBA to implement storing files in the database.
- The Clarity PPM Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) references the document database tables like clb_dms_files and clb_dms_folders and will help you plan this out with your DBA.
- As far as housekeeping there is an OOTB job called Purge Documents Job. This job deletes the documents based on specified parameters that should be reviewed and defined by your team for your requirements.
- We also recommend working with the internal DBA to make sure to have a proper defragmentation schedule.