What is the minimum set of tracers needed to get the Websphere PMI data?
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What is the minimum set of tracers needed to get the Websphere PMI data?


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With agents 10.5.x version, WebSpherePMI metrics reported even when autoprobe was disabled (introscope.autoprobe.enable=false) in the agent profile but this is no longer the case in agents 10.7.x version where autoprobe needs to be enabled. What is the minimum required tracers to be turned on to get only PMI data in agents 10.7.x version?


APM Agents 10.7.x


With agents 10.5.x version, it was needed to configure the WebAppSupport service to get PMI/JMX metrics but it has changed in 10.7.x version of the agent onwards.
From APM 10.7 Release Notes:
New WebAppSupport Extension
WebAppSupport is now implemented as an agent extension. While the functionality is still the same, starting with this release no WebAppSupport configuration is needed on any application server.


1.- Create a dummy pbd (eg: onlyPMI.pbd) with the following content which is the minimum required tracer to get PMI metrics:
# WebApp Support
# ================
SetFlag: webappTracing
TurnOn: webappTracing

SetTracerClassMapping: MyBlamePointTracer com.wily.introscope.api.websphere.WASStartupTracer com.wily.introscope.probebuilder.validate.ResourceNameValidator
TraceOneMethodOfClass: com.ibm.ws.runtime.component.ServerImpl   start MyBlamePointTracer "WebAppsupport|{classname}"

2.- Update the IntroscopeAgent.profile to load the dummy pbd (eg: onlyPMI.pbd):

3.- Restart the application for the changes to take effect.

You should now see the Websphere PMI metrics reported.