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DevTest Enterprise Dashboard console VSE reporting seems inaccurate for an environement


Article ID: 144928


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CA Cloud Test Mobile CA Application Test


Enterprise Dashboard seems to be reporting incorrect usage.
SV usage data is exhibiting some strange behavior. The stats are showing just a single Functional VSE when you can clearly see the graphic showing "x" when there are actually "y"!


Release : 10.5

Component : CA Service Virtualization


Our SE team has provided patch for this issue. Please open support case and refer defect id DE436728

Steps to apply the patch:

1) Go to Devtest_home/ lib/dradis and take backup of the jar dradis-10.5.0.jar.
2) Place this new dradis-10.5.0 jar in the same folder Devtest_home/lib/dradis
3) Restart EDB component.

Additional Information

Please make sure that the logging level is set at INFO level for EDB and all the Registries.

By default, all the data required to be stored in EDB database is sent by all the registries on an hourly basis.

The refresh rate of getting that data from the database and displaying it on EDB console varies for different sections.

If you would like to see the changes immediately then we can increase the frequency at which data is sent from Registries to EDB by setting below property in file of all the Registry installations.


Above will send data every one minute.