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Statistic search with deactivated tasks freezes AWI and the JWP


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When searching for statistics for Workflows and checking the "Include deactivated tasks" box the Automic Web Interface (AWI) and the JWP will sometimes freeze or end in timeout.
The CPU/Memory usage of the JWP is around 100%.


There is a known issue  on AWI 12.2.2 and earlier with the "include deactivated tasks box" : if a large query is launched on AWI it will run in Database.

Even though you are asking to "reset" it or if it leads to a Timeout, it will not stop it from working on the DB.
Therefore, they will pile up and eventually lead to the JWP using its maximum allocated Memory and freeze.



Release : 12.2



Upgrade to AWI 12.3.0 :
AWI 12.3 introduced an option in the Settings -> Refresh intervals called "Execution Limits".
It will prevent this behavior.

A workaround on older versions of AWI would be to set a short date limit when running the statistic search to prevent large queries.