Session Timeout warning message popup unexpectedly not received


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Sometimes, when a session in the web interface times out, the timeout warning popup message is not displayed.  And sometimes, the popup is displayed.


The issue is being investigated by the engineering team under tracking ID:  DE52743


Release : 17.2 


Reproduced in these Test environments:  SDM 17.2 RU3 on Windows 



1. Out of the box, the Service Desk Manager web interface webengine that is active is associated with $NX_ROOT\bopcfg\www\web.cfg.

Set up web.cfg with the following values of the corresponding parameters:

  ExclLockSeconds 30
  Timeout 2
  TimeoutWarning 1

2. Open 2 local google chrome web browser windows on the SDM server named "sdmserver1", each google chrome window has 1 tab. Enter the following URL in the tab of each browser window:     http://sdmserver1:8080/CAisd/pdmweb.exe

3. (Optional) Start Fiddler trace.

4. Log into SDM with timing similar to the following:

05:47pm - log into the first session (as servicedesk user)
05:48pm - log into the second session (as servicedesk user)
05:48pm - 1st session got logged out without receiving any popup messages
05:49pm - 2nd session received the timeout warning popup

5. (Optional) Stop the fiddler trace, save the trace to a file for analysis.

Additional Information

The resolution of DE52743 determines a significant re-design within the product; as of 2020-03-19, a  code fix is not imminent and the defect is in the engineering team's backlog.