Session Timeout warning message popup unexpectedly not received
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Session Timeout warning message popup unexpectedly not received


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Sometimes, when a session in the web interface times out, the timeout warning popup message is not displayed.  And sometimes, the popup is displayed.


Release : 17.2 


Reproduced in these Test environments:  SDM 17.2 RU3 on Windows 


The issue is being investigated by the engineering team under tracking ID:  DE52743



1. Out of the box, the Service Desk Manager web interface webengine that is active is associated with $NX_ROOT\bopcfg\www\web.cfg.

Set up web.cfg with the following values of the corresponding parameters:

  ExclLockSeconds 30
  Timeout 2
  TimeoutWarning 1

2. Open 2 local google chrome web browser windows on the SDM server named "sdmserver1", each google chrome window has 1 tab. Enter the following URL in the tab of each browser window:     http://sdmserver1:8080/CAisd/pdmweb.exe

3. (Optional) Start Fiddler trace.

4. Log into SDM with timing similar to the following:

05:47pm - log into the first session (as servicedesk user)
05:48pm - log into the second session (as servicedesk user)
05:48pm - 1st session got logged out without receiving any popup messages
05:49pm - 2nd session received the timeout warning popup

5. (Optional) Stop the fiddler trace, save the trace to a file for analysis.

The issue is fixed in